Thermostat Installation

THERMOSTAT–  A Programmable thermostat can pay for itself within the first year by reducing your energy cost up to 25% .  Since programming is a breeze customers can now program their thermostat when they are going on vacation, or at work or out for they day or night and set it to automatically comes on when they are returning home.   thermoRes_small

  • 5-2 and 7 day models available -Easily customized to any household schedule
  • Large LCD -Easy to read display
  • 3-hour Override Capabilities -Allows temporary adjustment of temperature
  • EEPROM Memory -Electronic memory storage with no batteries to replace
  • Contemporary Design -Fits into any decor
  • Lockable Keypad and Front Door -Two levels of security against unwanted tampering
  • O & B Terminals on Select Models -For use with heat pump or controlling dampers andfresh air economizers
  • Auto Changeover on Select Models -Automatically switches between heating and coolingsystem to maintain comfort
  • Compressor Short Cycle Protection -Preserves integrity of HVAC system
  • Remote Sensor Capable -Connects to optional remote indoor or outdoor sensors for optimal comfort