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Get Comfortable with HVAC

   Financing from GE and Global Church Financing

When you are considering an HVAC project, learn how

Financing can help you get the products and service to

make your office/business even more comfortable. Through the

Climate Select credit card,  you have access to a line of

credit specially designed for your HVAC needs.

New Hope can get you approved in as little as 24 hours at the lowest rates available. Call us today at (718) 629-2370) or fill out a form on-line and we’ll initiate financing with one of our carefully screened financial institutions.


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Commercial System Financing



Here are some examples of what you can finance with your Climate Select card:

 * Furnaces

 * Air conditioners

 * Heat pumps

 * Parts or service work on any HVAC 

 * Plumbing (as long as it is part of an HVAC installation)  

 * Water heaters *Humidifiers

 * Electronic air cleaners  

 * Dampers

 * Energy recovery systems

 * Thermostats

 * Warranty, in conjunction with purchase  

 * Installation of all above products